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Tips for towing your ORV with a trailer.

Some people have trails or areas where they can ride their Off-Road Vehicles at home, but others may have to take their ORVs somewhere else to ride. For instance, many people take their Golf Carts with them when camping or haul their ATVs and UTVs to designated riding trails. To get your ORV to these places, you'll probably want to tow it with a trailer. If you've never towed an ORV with a trailer before, follow these steps to keep your ORV from moving around or falling off!

  1. Connect and secure the trailer to your towing vehicle Be sure that your vehicle is fit for a trailer and can tow the weight of your ORV. The trailer size needed will vary based on the type of ORV you're hauling. Attach the ball of the hitch to the hitch of the trailer. Fasten all latches and secure them with a pin or lock, and don't forget to hook the chains!

  2. Lower or attach the loading ramp(s) Some trailers have built-in ramps that either lower or fold away. If your trailer doesn't have either of these, I'd suggest purchasing a portable ramp suitable for your ORV. Lifting an ORV onto a trailer is dangerous - especially if you're alone.

  3. Slowly drive the ORV onto the trailer Once the ramp is secured, either put the vehicle in neutral and push or slowly drive the vehicle onto the trailer. If you go too fast, the wheels could spin and slip. Don't forget to wear a helmet!

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