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Life insurance is generally needed for final expenses or to provide an income for your survivors. But there are also other uses for life insurance. Life insurance can give continuity and stability to a business through Buy-Sell Life Insurance or Key Man Insurance. Cash Value plans can offer tax-favored ways to save for the future or transfer funds to future generations.

How much do you need? With our computer based models, we can help you quickly analyze your current assets and project your future needs to see what your family would require if you were not there.

Let us show you how our plans are competitive and better than those offered on TV and direct web sites.

In poor health? Some plans offer guaranteed issue with limited benefits in the early years at very reasonable costs.

Looking to maximize your income? Cash value life insurance and annuities can give you variable interest rates or rates that are tied to the stock market.

Goodwin, Lademan & Associates, Inc. can help you determine your needs and match you with the plan best suited to you and your budget.

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