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Do You Know What To Do After A House Robbery?

You hear a strange noise down the hall and you're home alone. You can't figure out what it is, so, naturally, your mind jumps to the last crime drama you watched, and now you're terrified.

We hope that it's just the cat knocking something over again. But if it turns out to be something more, your next steps are crucial.

So, what should you do in the event of a house robbery?

  1. Get to a safe place and stay out of your house

  2. Call the police

  3. Once you know it's safe to go inside the house, take inventory of stolen items

  4. Call your insurance agent or company to file a claim

  5. Take steps to prevent future break-ins

But first, let's get technical. Did you know robberies and burglaries are different?

  • A robbery is when you are present and the intruder uses force or the threat of force to take your belongings.

  • A burglary is when an intruder takes your belongings when you're not home.

Either way, your homeowners insurance will likely cover damage done to your home by the intruder and most of the belongings they take.

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