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Have a Wonderful Trip!

by Jenean McLoskey

Long drives can be exactly that – long! So what can you do to make hours in a vehicle more comfortable and enjoyable? Here are some ideas to help make your next road trip a success:

Plan ahead.

Map out your route, noting places to stop for gas, food, restroom breaks and sightseeing along the way. Make sure the route you’re planning to take is open and in decent condition. It’s a good idea to bring a physical map along as well in case your GPS acts up.

Check the forecast.

Look at weather reports for the route you plan to take so you know what to expect on the road. Even if the forecast for your area looks good, weather can be significantly different in other parts of the country.

Prep your vehicle.

Inspect your tires (including your spare), fill your gas tank and windshield wiper fluid, check your oil level and clean the inside of your car. Also, place a small plastic bag in the car for trash disposal during your trip.

Keep money on hand.

Bring some cash along in case you run into a toll road or a situation where you aren’t able to use a credit card.

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