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How To Start Your Accident Claim

What is an insurance claim?

Let’s start with the basics.

An insurance claim is a request for payment made by a claimant to an insurance company. A claim is set up and recorded in the insurance company’s system at the time a claim is reported to a company or an insurance agent. Then, the agent or insurance company will keep a record of what is called the “first notice of loss”.

Keep in mind every insurance company’s claims process will vary.

How do I file an insurance claim?

The best way to file a claim with Auto-Owners is by contacting the local independent agency where you purchased your policy. If the loss occurs after your agent’s business hours you can call 1.888.252.4626 for our after-hours service. You can also visit for more information and to find your agent.

Again, this is how our process works but every insurance company’s claims process will vary.


What happens after I file a claim?

Once the claim is filed, we should assign a claim representative to your claim. The claim representative will contact the parties involved to begin an investigation. This includes reviewing insurance coverages and assessing damages and liability if applicable. Any payments are based on the outcome of this investigation.

Depending on your insurance company, this process may vary. If you do not work with a specific agent, keep track of who you speak with at the agency and/or insurance carrier.

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