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Uninsured during this pandemic?

Uninsured in a pandemic? Seek help – it’s likely available.

Many Americans who lose their jobs during the coronavirus crisis will be eligible either for Medicaid or for subsidized private plan coverage in the ACA marketplace

March 20, 2020

We all have plenty to fear from the coronavirus: serious and life-threatening illness, sudden loss of job or income, physical separation from loved ones.

If there’s any silver lining, it will come through social solidarity. With a highly contagious disease circulating, the health of each of us is the health of all us. After a slow start, federal and state governments are moving swiftly to provide guidance and relief: free coronavirus testing, paid sick leave, increased unemployment insurance, and, probably soon, loans to small businesses and cash relief to individuals.

To slow the spread of the disease, it’s essential that Americans have access not only to coronavirus testing but to affordable care should they become ill – just as many may lose job-based insurance. To that end, the Affordable Care Act is on standby, as the financial help it provides to those who lack access to job-based insurance or Medicare is based on income.

Many Americans who lose their jobs will be eligible either for Medicaid or for subsidized private plan coverage in the ACA marketplace. The tips below will help you seek and find coverage if you need it, or get your costs reduced if you’re already covered through the marketplace and your income drops.

Need coverage? Here’s where to start.

To make use of the information below, these websites are starting points:

Seek ACA marketplace coverage: (for 38 states) OR one of 13 state-based exchanges

Apply for Medicaid: State Medicaid websites

Medicaid expansion states: Medicaid expansion map

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