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What to do When Disaster Strikes?

With Auto-Owners seven catastrophe teams located around the country, we’re prepared to quickly take action and serve our policyholders when disaster strikes. Our claims associates take pride in providing quality service to our customers and catastrophic events are no exception. Our catastrophe team will respond to crisis situations and work to get things back to normal as soon as possible.

We are able to take action quickly due to a mapping system we have developed that not only monitors the weather, but also helps us to identify if you are likely to sustain a loss even before it happens. This proactive approach allows us to initiate a prompt catastrophe response, launching adjusters to areas before they are even affected.

How Do I Report a Claim?

To report a claim, all you do is call your local independent Auto-Owners agent, (Us!) (734) 287-2400 someone you know and trust. With over 100 claim offices in 26 states, we believe our claims branches should be as close as possible to our policyholders and agents.


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