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10 Tips For Preparing For The Next Wild Weather Storm

Spring is a wonderful time of year. Unfortunately, spring can also come with rain, hail, high winds, tornadoes and whatever else Mother Nature has in store. Preparing before a severe storm hits is essential to potentially reducing storm damage to your home.

Here’s 10 quick and easy home tips you can use to prepare for the upcoming storm season.

1. Designate a safe place in your home to take shelter during a storm. This is ideally in the lowest level of your home with few windows or large furniture. Make sure all your family members know this is where to go in the event of a big storm.

2. Prepare a safe place for your pet(s). If you have pets keep in mind that storms, especially severe storms, will affect them too. Create a sleeping and eating area for your pets within the designated safe place of your home. Be sure to stock extra food, treats, and water.

3. Prepare an emergency kit. It's a good idea to stockpile crucial items to help your family get through any power outage or delay in aid after a storm. Items to consider are:

  • Extra batteries of all sizes

  • Flashlights

  • Battery-operated radio

  • Portable cell phone charger

  • First-aid kit

  • Bottled water

  • Non-perishable snacks and meals

  • Blankets

  • Cash

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